We are a network of visionary partners committed to the ambitious goal of lifting millions of families out of ultra-poverty permanently.


Our story

We are on a mission to recognize and prioritize the ultra-poor within the global movement to end extreme poverty. Uplift was created out of a strong desire by its founding partners to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. In a search for successful solutions, we realized that we had to prioritize the hardest to reach households living in the worst form of poverty if we were going to reach that goal. Since then, we have had one singular focus to invest in a network of partners who are united together around a common vision of using evidence-based solutions to lift the floor on poverty once and for all. We believe that by bringing together the right partners and joining forces we can propel families from extreme poverty to prosperity and lift the floor on poverty forever.

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Uplift has supported

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Our impact

Unlocked 135M
in investment to date

  • Our Investors

    Our Investors

    We believe that modern philanthropy has a critical and catalytic role to play in lifting the floor on poverty for good. Together we can equip millions of women and families to rise from poverty. With an angel investment from the Erol Foundation and Michael and Xochi Birch, Uplift is well on its way to raise $10 million in funding to unlock ten times the amount of resources directed towards the ultra-poor.

  • Our Investors

    Uplift has enabled our family foundation to realize the impact of a large institutional donor. The strategic and collaborative initiative model allows us to influence the field at scale and maximize our resources when and where they are needed most. As part of Uplift, philanthropists work alongside key stakeholders to achieve the large scale change we all wish to see.

    Sebastien and Julie Lepinard

    Founders, Erol Foundation

Our Partners

Uplift is a global movement that aims to connect cross-sector partners and resources with the capacity to catalyze success and impact for ultra-poverty programs around the world. Uplift’s partners are leading NGOs and organizations tackling ultra-poverty globally. Together, we are working to build a global movement that recognizes and prioritizes the ultra-poor.


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Uplift is an initiative of Confiance, a nonprofit U.S. 501c3. All donations to Uplift are 100 percent tax deductible.

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